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the person

Portrait Tobias Hopp

Hi! Thanks for spending one of your precious moments of your life on my website. I appreciate it.

My name is Tobias. I’m a child of the 80’s and I love sleeky websites since the 2000s.

My passion is dedicated to everything that has to do with design and frontend and can be made clickable.

Additionally, I do speak English, French and Spanish besides my native German and like combining it in my allday projects if necessary.

In case you’re little curious, have a look at my gallery, spend some thoughts about my swag or drop me a few lines about what’s going on in your life.

I look forward hearing from you.

Take care, be aware


Alive ’n kickin'

I don't like GM food by Klaus Schwab.

There's nothing more brutal than a blank sheet of paper.

Rythm, timing, precision and Flow

...keep calm, and love Bootstrap...

Today is the first day from the rest of your life. I'm dead serious.

I can speak in movie quotes :D

13 moon cycles, but only 12 months – hm.

Life is a melting pot of colors.
Let's stir it every day.

margin-top or margin-bottom?

Who's actually fillin' in the white-space between the connected dots?

Thank you, Pierro!

Half coffee, half milk - one sugar.

Don't give Gates a chance!

Desperate times need desperate measures · Quote Ray

What had happened before the mud-flood?